Save Money on Gas by Changing Your Driving Habits

Changing your driving habits could potentially save you quite a bit of money on gas.

Slow Down

One of the best ways that you can save money on gas is to slow down. Studies have shown that if you drive over 60 mph, the fuel efficiency of your vehicle will decrease. Therefore, if you can stick to the speed limit, you are going to be able to cut down on quite a bit of gas usage. When you are driving in the city, you need to not drive as aggressively. If you accelerate quickly and then slam on the brakes at each stop light, you are going to burn through much more gas than if you drove carefully.

Reduce Weight

You should also consider eliminating extra weight that you are carrying around in the vehicle. Carrying excess weight requires more fuel in order to drive the same speed. According to recent information, for each 50 pounds that you carry in the car, you are reducing the fuel efficiency by one mile per gallon. 

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