Have you ever bought books, CDs, or DVDs from a popular shopping website? If so, you may have found some great deals on used items that perform as well as new. Similar bargains can be found all over the Internet, and locally at consignment shops, auctions, flea markets and garage sales. If you're looking to save money on a wide variety of things for your home, office or elsewhere, these places can be wonderful treasure-troves – venues where cheap is decidedly not a bad word; quite the contrary, it's regarded as a very good thing!

For example, on a website you might be able to find a popular CD for less than half the price of a new one. Sellers on these sites typically indicate the condition of their merchandise by describing them as 'New,' 'Like New,' 'Very Good,' 'Good' and so on; so you'll have a reasonably accurate expectation of what you'll be getting. You can also anticipate the same the same level of economy when shopping for DVDs or video games. Let's face it; why pay a fortune for new DVDs when you can get them for a song online? These discs may not come in a fancy case, or they may come in a case sans the factory-enclosed label or booklet. But so what? Considering the savings that can be realized by shopping for these types of items online, it's doubtful that you'll complain very much. And, for your further information, used books are a steal online, too.

Consignment shops are another great place to find used items. You can rest assured that the merchandise you find here is either new or like-new, because most shops generally will not accept any item that doesn't have a brand name or isn't in excellent condition. Many churches also have consignment days where they sell clothing and other articles. Flea markets are an excellent source of both new and used items, and you can often buy in bulk at even more fantastic savings.

Bargains can also be found at neighborhood garage sales (though you must certainly be careful; although the prices these sellers ask often can't be beat, lots of junk tends to pass from the seller's garage to the buyer's, who eventually becomes just another seller passing it on again). Online auctions can yield great savings for used items, as well. The only caveats are that you check the item you're interested in to determine its condition and true value, and then bid only up to about 40 percent of the retail price.

If your local supermarket provides a community bulletin board for events and items for sale, check it frequently. What you're looking for may be just around the corner from you. And keep your ears open, too; word of mouth is always a good way to find used stuff. Perhaps a neighbor or friend knows of another person or business that's selling just what you need.

Don't forget that your local newspaper still has a classified section just for used items. Although newspaper readership is down (mainly due to the Internet), many people still use the Classifieds. Check it out to determine if the item you're looking for is listed. If so, call the seller and ask to visit his or her home to check out the merchandise. More likely than not, the owner will expect and welcome you to bargain for a good selling price.

Now, get out there and save some money!


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