The Internet is your key to the world at large. Just about anything that you want to find can usually be tracked down online – including lots of free stuff. How do you locate free stuff online? Companies routinely give away free stuff to consumers. Most are trial-size items, but some are full-sized samples. Giving out samples increases the product's visibility in the marketplace and the community. New products are often more expensive and people will wait until the price comes down to purchase them. If they have a free sample to try first and find out that they like it, they'll probably overlook the price and buy the item anyway.

Freebie promotions don't hurt a company financially. They've already accounted for this type of advertising in their budget. It's actually a win-win situation for them, so they don't need your sympathy; go ahead and take advantage of all the free offers you can find.

While enjoying the free goodies, however, don't forget to read the entire ad. Many freebies are just that – an actual free promotion. You may have to fill out your name and address to receive it, but no purchase price or shipping and handling fees will be charged. But, some free items come with strings. You might be required to complete surveys or pay for trial periods in order to claim your free item. Don't get taken in.

Many locations on the Internet offer free samples of everything from laxatives to baby wipes to cereal. Find all of the offers that appeal to you – but check them out carefully – and wait for the items to arrive. If nothing else, some free treats may be good to use on trips when travel-size items are needed.

Other sites may offer free samples of health items. Don't be surprised to find fiber-supplement samples, deodorant, fish oil tablets and much, much more. You can receive offers for free over-the-counter medications, cleaning products, and healthful snacks. You might also get free prescription doses when you fill your prescription at a local pharmacy.

Many samples come with coupons for the regular-size item at your local store. Be sure to put these money-saving coupons to good use. The samples you don't need can be given away to friends or used as gift-basket stuffers.

You may also be able to file your taxes for free online. Visit the IRS' website and find out about how you can e-file through them. The process takes you through each step and helps you to enter the correct numbers in the right spots to avoid making mistakes.

Have you considered filling out surveys online? There are numerous sites that award points and credits for taking surveys. Joining is free and most surveys take thirty minutes or less. The points that you earn can be redeemed for restaurant gift cards, retail store credits and services, and other merchandise.

Don't be afraid to try free offers. They're meant for you to use. Companies want to know what you think about their products. Freebies and surveys are a great way to do that.

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