How to Start an Online Advertising Business

Online business advertising has quickly become the primary way to promote both small and large businesses. Today, money is pouring into this rapidly expanding field, and it is expected to be the greatest form of advertising in the future. Wherever there is advertising, there is advertising money being spent. You can tap into this market with the right skills and business model.

Create an Ezine or Blog

One way to get into the online advertising industry is to create a website where you can host and sell advertisements. This can occur in a number of different models, including an ezine "magazine" or a simple blog. Ezines typically focus on one industry or area. They can be hosted online or sent as an email each week or month. If you are going to start an ezine, you will need the following knowledge:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Knowledge of the industry you would like to write about
  • A network of contacts that you will continue to grow
  • Knowledge of best practices in email marketing and content creation

This may include learning how to operate things like an email marketing platform or even learning how to program HTML, a computer language, into an email. If you do not have this knowledge, consider going with a simpler model of creating a blog. You can use a number of free, automated services to start a blog. These include the popular Wordpress and Blogger platforms. To start a blog, you will need:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Knowledge of the industry you would like to write about
  • Good use of social networks and other platforms to promote your blog for readers.

With both an ezine and a blog, you will not truly make money off advertising until your readership becomes fairly large.

Become an SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science of how to get found online. This practice area does not rely as much on paid advertisements as it does on constant promotions through website content, business listings and social networks. Today, there are a number of SEO professionals and SEO schools that can help you learn the business. You should know this industry has evolved a large degree since its initial starting place just a few years ago. Today, to truly call yourself an expert, you must stay on top of trends and have a solid knowledge of computer programming. If you are qualified, you can start a business helping other business owners implement changes to help them get found online.

Start a Marketing Company

If you want to take everything a step further, consider starting an online marketing business. This type of business model will employ best practices in all areas of online marketing including blogging, social networking, press releases and SEO. Individuals looking to run an online advertising business must have an excellent understanding of computer programming. Without this knowledge, you will not likely be able to compete with current businesses in your industry. It is additionally helpful to have a background in the traditional marketing industry, such as agency experience. Combining agency experience with strong online marketing knowledge will give you a good base to start a marketing company.

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