How to Get the Best Used Car Deals

Finding good used car deals can provide you with a way to save significant amounts of money. Instead of going with a new car that is most likely overpriced, it might be a wise move to consider a used car instead. Here are the basics of how to get the best deals on used cars.

Classified Ads

One of the best sources of used car deals is the classified section of the newspaper. Many people who do not regularly sell cars will advertise in the classified section. Many times, you will be able to find someone who is practically giving away a car just to get some quick cash. When you shop this way, you will have to call the seller to set up an appointment to view the car.


Another great place to find used cars is Craigslist. This is like an online version of your newspapers classified ads. Since it is free to advertise a car for sale on the site, many people use this as a way to expose people to their cars. You will be able to sort the listings according to which geographic area you live in. This type of ad allows sellers to include a description of the vehicle and provide several photographs for people to look at. To narrow your search, you can enter in a specific make or model, and you can specify a price range as well. This is one of the most convenient and effective ways to find great deals on used cars.

Auction Sites

You might also want to check on some of the many auction-style websites that are out there. For example, by looking on eBay, you will be able to find practically every car that has ever been made. Many of them will be selling in an auction-style format. When this happens, you can sometimes get a significant discount on the price of the vehicle. Other times, you may be able to simply purchase the car for a certain amount of money and avoid an auction.

Car Rental Companies

You can also sometimes find cars for sale that have previously been used as rental cars. By visiting some of the rental car company websites, you will be able to browse through a listing of rental cars available for sale. Most of the time, rental car companies like to use new cars for their rentals. When they are done using a car, they will simply sell it to someone else. Sometimes, you can get a great deal this way.

Used Car Dealer

You might also be able to find a deal at a used-car dealer. When shopping with used car dealers, you need to be careful because they will sometimes use underhanded tactics to sell cars. They will also have a markup on the car, so you may need to shop around to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

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