How to Combine Personal Budgets

One of the most challenging things for two people to do is to determine how to combine personal budgets. Instances where you and a roommate are combing segments of your budgets can be complex. The best approach is to start with large items, like rent, and gradually start to combine more granular items, like groceries. You will likely find a point at which no further progress is possible. Once you know your share, simply consider you own budget to have been altered accordingly.

A more common and challenging scenario is when a couple combines their finances. In this case, you have a great deal of emotion involved, often in different areas of the budget. You will give yourself the best chance at success, both financially and as a couple, if you make a budget. Many couples mistakenly believe that they can just figure it out. Outlining a budget so you each have a clear idea of what is expected, from both the spending and contribution side, it provides you with a baseline from which to operate. The budget should be revisited regularly, particularly around special events, but reaching a cohesive starting point is often the most challenging, yet most important, step in the process.

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