Getting a Discount for Paying Cash

Getting a cash discount can provide you with a great way to save money on a lot of the things that you buy. Many different retailers and service providers offer some type of a cash discount for their customers. Here are the basics of getting a cash discount and where you might expect to get one.

Gas Stations

One common place that offers a cash discount is the gas station. Many gas stations around the country have turned to offering cash discounts on fuel costs. The reason that they do this is that they have to charge an extra percentage for those that use debit or credit cards. The credit card companies charge the gas station 2 or 3 percent every time someone uses a card. This means that they will usually be able to give you a discount in the same amount if you use cash. With the high prices of gas these days, this could be a significant savings for you overall. When you are dealing with gas prices that are up over three dollars per gallon, this amounts to a savings of approximately $.10 per gallon. The only hassle with paying with cash at a gas station is that you will have to go inside rather than paying at the pump.


Many restaurants are now also offering cash discounts to their customers. Restaurants have the same reasoning as gas stations for offering a cash discount. By avoiding the credit card transaction, they can cut back on their costs. Many of them are more than happy to extend the savings on to their customers. Many of the servers at restaurants prefer you to pay with cash also because it increases the likelihood that you will leave a tip.


Doctors' offices are another type of business that frequently offers a cash discount. With a doctor's office, you should be able to get some type of discount even if you pay with a debit or credit card. If you pay with cash, however, your discount is going to be as big as it possibly can be. By paying cash, you will allow the doctor to avoid the credit card transaction fees. In addition to avoiding credit card fees, the doctor's offices can avoid dealing with insurance. With all of the hassles that are involved with an insurance claim, it is no wonder that doctors' offices prefer customers to pay with cash. Doctors have to employ administrative personnel to file all of the complicated paperwork associated with a health insurance claim. Then the doctor has to wait as long as 90 days to get his or her money from the insurance company.


Whenever you are purchasing expensive jewelry, there is a good chance that you will be able to get a cash discount as well. Many jewelers offer extended financing programs because they are dealing with big-ticket items. Because of this, they often work the cost of these financing programs into their prices. However, if you are paying cash, they can subtract out the price of the financing.

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