In order for you to enjoy long-term financial health, one of the first things that you'll have to do will be to get your everyday financial house in order. Are you on top of your finances? Are you in control of your debt, or is your debt controlling you? How much money are you saving? Have you established an emergency fund? Do you have more money than month, or does it usually seem as if it's the other way around?

You must address all of these questions – and several others – in order to solidly establish your financial footing. After all, if your daily finances are unstable, the long-term prospects for your financial success will be shaky at best. In this section you'll find valuable information to help you with budgeting and digging out of the debt sinkhole. You'll also discover money-saving tips for everything from making your home more energy efficient to funding your kids' college expenses. There are even strategies for saving money when you don't have any money to save. Use this knowledge to not only catch up but also get ahead of the game where your daily finances are concerned. Only then will you be able to confidently look and build toward your financial future.

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