Energy Saving for Restaurants

If you’re wondering how to save energy in your restaurant, you should know that small changes in the way you do business can result in big savings. Not only can you save money every month, but saving energy also helps the environment.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

The majority of the energy wasted in any restaurant occurs in the kitchen. Energy efficient appliances can save you up to 50% more energy than your current appliances. Although energy efficient appliances may be a significant financial investment, the amount of money you’ll save each month will result in the appliances paying for themselves in time. The larger your restaurant, the more quickly you’ll see a return.

Use Florescent Bulbs

Florescent bulbs use less energy than standard light bulbs, last longer and don’t give off as much heat. Because restaurants use so many light bulbs, often placing a light above each table, standard light bulbs can give off enough heat to increase the amount of air conditioning necessary for your restaurant to maintain a comfortable temperature. Thus, not only are you saving energy, but fluorescent lighting can reduce your air conditioning bill as well.

Place Cooling Units away from the Cooking Area

Keep refrigerators and freezers away from the immediate cooking area. This area of the kitchen is by far the hottest. Refrigerators and freezers located in hotter areas must work harder to maintain their temperature, resulting in wasted energy.

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