Energy Saving for Auto Dealers

Auto dealers have business expenses just like the rest of us, so learning how to save energy is just as important for them as anyone else. There are several things auto dealers can do to help save energy, including: joining the National Automobile Dealer's Association, upgrading all appliances and electronics to Energy Star complaint machines, track the facility's energy use with Energy Star and join Energy Star.

For members of the NADA, there is a special incentive program called the Energy Stewardship Incentive program. Dealers can get more information on how to participate, but they must first join the NADA. Energy Star has a program to provide discounts on upgrades to businesses, so joining Energy Star is a good place to start. Make a list of all the inventory in terms of appliances and computer equipment, and contact Energy Star to learn more about how to cost effectively upgrade all of it to Energy Star compliant models.

Businesses that do not pay attention to their energy consumption won't know if their efforts to save energy have done anything. Therefore, it is important for businesses to monitor their energy use before and after making such attempts to conserve energy and save money on the bills.

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