Don't Blow Your Budget when Buying Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts can range from inexpensive and sincere to pricey and extravagant. No matter how close you are to the happy couple, their formal union isn’t a good excuse to blow your carefully constructed budget.

Budget for the Wedding Present ahead of Time

If you have a special wedding present in mind that you know will be costly, plan for the purchase ahead of time by setting aside money from your budget each month. Only pull money from your disposable income, however. If you put away money for the wedding gift that you would otherwise spend on groceries or utility bills, you’re still damaging your budget.

Stick to the Registry

Most couples create a registry of items they need. Find out where the bride and groom are registered and choose a gift from the registry. Not only will you be guaranteed to get them both something they want and can use, but you can probably also benefit in that registry items typically come in all price ranges to cater to different guests’ budgets.

Group Gifts

If you have your heart set on buying an expensive wedding gift, ask other friends or family members to chip in. This allows you to give the happy couple that special present you originally had in mind without breaking the bank in the process.

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