Could You Save Money with Food Stamps?

You can save money with food stamps by using vouchers instead of cash to purchase food products. Food stamps are provided to families in need by the governments of all 50 states.

How Food Stamps Save Money

If you’re struggling to pay for necessities, such as housing, utilities or a vehicle, the need to purchase groceries can leave you unable to meet some of your other payment obligations. Food stamp vouchers allow you access to a certain amount of free food each month, depending on the size of your household. Using food stamps instead of cash frees up the funds you previously used for food purchases. Thus, you can allocate more money toward your other financial obligations.

Qualifying for Food Stamps

You can save money with food stamps only if you qualify to receive them. Although each state has different eligibility requirements, the Social Security Administration states that a household cannot posses more than $2,000 in resources if applying for food stamps. If a member of your household is disabled or over age 60, however, the resources threshold increases to $3000. Your household income also cannot exceed 130 percent of the federal poverty level. (These figures are current in May 2010.)

Food Stamps and Unemployment

Food stamps offer a significant financial benefit for the unemployed. If you are out of work, using food stamps instead of cash can help you conserve money until you find employment. Most states require you to demonstrate proof that you have registered with your local Department of Labor and are actively seeking employment before granting you food stamp privileges.

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