Cash-Back Sites Can Save You Big Money

Cash-back sites are becoming a very popular type of website for people to shop with. Although many people are just starting to be turned on to these types of sites, they have been around for some time now. Here are the basics of cash-back sites and how they can help you save money.

How They Work

Cash-back sites allow you to get money back on certain purchases that you make. You will visit a cash-back website and you will be able to browse many different products and services. Each product is going to have it a promotional offer associated with it. As soon as you buy the product, you will be credited with a certain percentage of cash back into your account. 

Sign Up Bonus

Many of these sites will actually give you some type of bonus when you sign up. As soon as you become a member, they may be able to credit your account with a little bit of cash instantly. Some of them also provide you with a gift card just for joining their service. It is free to sign up and you will be able to start shopping immediately.


There are several cash-back sites out there that will allow you to donate part of your cash to charity. If you would prefer to help out a worthy cause instead of taking your cash back, they will make it easy for you to do so. Many of them have a variety of charities that you can choose from as well.

Popular Sites

There are many different cash-back sites on the Internet that you could potentially work with. Some of the most popular cash-back sites out there are Bing, FatWallet, and Ebates. Bing is a division of Microsoft and they have many different offers for you to choose from. With this program, you will be able to easily sort all of the different offers that are available to you and compare prices quickly. As soon as you purchase something for the program, Bing will send you a confirmation e-mail that tells you about how much cash you should expect to be credited into your account.

With FatWallet, you will be able to benefit from coupon discounts as well as cash-back. They work with some of the most popular retailers in the world such as HP, Dell and eBay. By using Ebates, you will be able to access deals from Wal-Mart, Macy's, Petsmart, and many more. 


Each one of these sites is going to provide you with a different percentage of cash-back. Within each site, it will also depend on which retailer you purchase from when determining how much cash you will receive back. In most cases, you are going to get between 2 and 3% back on your purchase. Some retailers will provide you with as much as 5% back on your purchase. If you do all of your shopping with these sites, you will be able to net some significant savings over the long-term.

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