When we think of saving money it always seems like a big job, but saving money daily can add up over time. Here are some possible ways to cut your expenses that may amount to a lot more than you think:

  • How about your early morning stop at the coffee shop? That cup of coffee may wake you up, but the amount of money you save by driving straight to work will be the real eye-opener. Most offices have coffee available for their employees free of charge. If you don't like the brand, buy your own bag of gourmet ground coffee and make a fresh pot when you arrive. It's much cheaper than hitting the coffee shop every day.
  • Eating lunch with the crew at work is fun, but it's also costly. You don't have to cut out those friendly lunches, but try limiting it to once a week or so. If you eat in a food court (like the one in the local mall), you can still participate in the conversation; just bring your lunch from home.
  • With the spiraling price of gas, more people are watching how many times they jump into the car and go places. In order to save money on petrol, plan to run as many errands as possible in one trip. On your shopping excursions, visit the grocery store, the beauty shop, your doctor's office and anywhere else you have to go all at the same time. That way, when you return home from work the other four days of the week, you can leave your car parked until the next morning.
  • You can often find change lying around the house. Everyone delights in paper money but most don't think twice about a few coins here and there, unless they're looking to get something from a vending machine. Collect that loose change in a large glass jar. When it's full, take it to one of those change sorting machines in the grocery store and see how much you've got. This extra money can be set aside in a "rainy day" account. After all, every little bit helps.
  • Stop using your telephone to order takeout food. Instead, before you leave the house in the morning, take something out of the freezer to cook for dinner. When dinner is the last thing you want to think about in the evening, place that meal in a crock pot or slow cooker. It will thaw and cook throughout the day. Set the time for the longest setting; add a few spices, a little liquid and some vegetables and you've got an 'instant' dinner when you get home. The money you save on takeout can go towards a night out for a special occasion.

What are some of the things that you spend money on each day? It's very likely that you can cut back on some of those expenses. If you can, you'll save yourself some cash. There are usually alternatives to the things we like doing that may be just as enjoyable and yet cost less. The trick is simply taking the time to find them.

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