3 Whacky Energy Saving Ideas

Due to rising energy costs, families and businesses are looking for traditional and whacky energy saving ideas. In addition to installing proper insulation and re-adjusting thermostats, consumers can reduce their energy costs with the following whacky energy saving ideas.

1. Use a Bed Fan
Sometimes it’s difficult to sleep in a hot house. Rather than run expensive air conditioning throughout your home at night, use a bed fan to stay cool. A bed fan is a quiet, small fan that delivers a cool breeze between your sheets. Simply attach it to the foot of your bed and reduce your AC costs immediately.

2. Wear a Damp Shirt
One of the more cost-effective summer energy saving ideas involves your shirt. Lightly wet a T-shirt, wring it out and wear it around your house. You’ll not only feel immediate relief, but you’ll also be able to raise your thermostat a few degrees and still feel cool. Use a floor or ceiling fan to feel even more relief from the heat.

3. Warm Up with a Ceiling Fan
While most of us are familiar with the advantages of ceiling fans during the summer, you can also save energy and use ceiling fans during colder months. Warm air rises; therefore, simply putting your ceiling fan on the lowest setting will blow warm air down, towards the living space. Fans use very little electricity, making this one of many whacky but effective energy saving ideas.

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