3 New Energy Saving Devices for Businesses

Businesses have the opportunity to reduce costs and gain higher profits by switching to energy saving devices. The first step is to work on energy conservation, and team members and employees have to be on board. Once that's accomplished, purchasing a few energy saving devices can make a big difference. Here are 3 new devices to consider:

1. Energy Efficient Ethernet

Network equipment can run on low idle mode when there is no traffic. Traditional Ethernet protocols result in high energy consumption because the user is constantly linked into the network. When users are not using the network and an energy efficient Ethernet protocol is installed, there isn't a constant transmission of signals. The result is a much lower energy consumption.

2. Smart Power Strip

One of the new energy saving devices that busy business owners can take advantage of is a smart power strip. Business equipment that's plugged into a smart power strip will be turned off by the power strip when not in use. The device saves time and money since you don't have to turn equipment on and off throughout the day.

3. Key Card Intelligence

Businesses can limit the use of certain electric devices depending on who enters the room. The key card is programmed to allow or deny access to electricity-based devices, such as air conditioning.

These energy saving devices can help you maximize your utility costs in the long run. You may even be able to quality for tax breaks on the purchase of some or all of them.


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