3 Gas-Saving Myths Busted

There are several techniques that you can use to save money on gas. At the same time, there are also a lot of myths that people believe about saving gas. Here are some of the most common gas-saving myths busted.

1. Turn Off the Air-Conditioning

People have said for many years that if you want to save gas while you are driving, you should turn off the air-conditioning. In reality, turning off the air-conditioning does not do any good. You might as well keep the air-conditioning running so that you will be comfortable while you are burning gas.

2. Keep the Windows Up

Other people say that you should not drive with the windows down because it creates extra drag and makes your car less efficient when it comes to gas consumption. This is another myth. There is not a significant difference in gas consumption between driving with the windows down or up.

3. Starting the Car

Many people also believe that whenever you start your car, you are burning more gas than if you simply left the car running for a short time between start ups. This is why you see many people allowing their cars to idle when they are going into a store for a few minutes. Restarting the car does not use any more gas, so you might as well turn the car off instead of letting it idle.

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