3 Energy-Saving Schemes that Don't Work

Many energy-saving schemes and devices promoted on the Internet and on TV do not work. Here are some popular energy-saving practices that cannot help you reduce your electricity bill.

1. Using Power Factor Devices and Similar Gadgets

Many people believe that power factor devices can bring down their electrical consumption. However, these things do not really help that much because modern appliances already have built-in power correctors. Plus, according to Consumer Reports, most households in the US already have a power factor of 90 percent. So, these types of devices can really be considered scams.

2. Turning Off Appliances

Turning off appliances is one of the most popular energy-saving schemes that do not really work. Appliances that are not unplugged or are simply on standby mode can still use up electricity. To ensure that you are saving 100 percent of the energy, remember to unplug all electrical devices that are not in use.

3. Putting Computers on Sleep Mode for Long Hours

As computers become a big part of everyone’s life, many people are led to believe that leaving the computer in sleep mode when not in use can help save energy. Well, if you are just going to leave your computer for a brief moment, then using sleep mode is perfectly fine. However, if you are not going to use your computer for several hours, it would be better to turn it off completely for maximum energy-saving benefits.

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