3 Energy-Saving Appliances that Really Work

Energy saving appliances are environmentally-friendly home additions designed to use less electricity and reduce utility bills. If you'd like to save both energy and money, consider these top-rated energy saving appliances.

Eco-Friendly Washing Machines

Eco-friendly washing machines are one of the best energy saving appliances on the market today. They use 33% less energy and 50% less water than traditional washers. This equates to a savings of around $250 a year on electricity and water bills. Energy saving washers also have a higher capacity, which means fewer loads of laundry.

Energy Saving Refrigerators

Refrigerators are typically the second largest consumer of energy in a home. They use somewhere around 15% of your home’s total electricity. Air conditioners are the top consumer at 17%. Unlike your air conditioner, however, you can’t turn off your fridge to save electricity. That’s why it’s important to purchase an energy saving refrigerator that uses 20% less electricity and can reduce your electric bill up to $200 a year.

“Green” Air Conditioners

Whether your home requires window AC units or relies on central AC, purchasing an eco-friendly AC unit is one of the best energy saving appliances you’ll ever buy. The average homeowner spends over $1,000 each year on heating and cooling costs. An eco-friendly AC unit can significantly reduce this figure because it lowers cooling costs by 30%, saving consumers hundreds of dollars a year.

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