3 Electricity Saving Myths

To enjoy the full benefits of your electricity saving efforts, you need to separate energy saving myths from facts. Here are three myths that you should know about and avoid if you want to conserve electricity.

1. Modern Furnaces or Air Conditioners Reduce Energy Consumption

It is true that modern furnaces and air conditioners are energy efficient, but they cannot help in your electricity saving efforts if they are not properly installed or sized. Studies have shown that 33 percent of energy used by furnaces and air conditioners is wasted because their air duct systems are not properly set up.

2. Using Fluorescent Lights Is Bad and Useless

Fluorescent lights have greatly improved throughout the years, so they no longer flicker or emit low quality color that can irritate and harm the eyes. These days, fluorescent lighting is also better in terms of color quality and energy efficiency compared to other types of lighting.

3. Placing Gaskets in Outlets Reduces Electrical Consumption

Many people use foam gaskets, hoping to prevent air leakage from electrical outlets, which can then drive up the consumption of energy. However, measurements have proven that the amount of indoor air escaping through electrical outlets does not exceed 1 percent of total air inside homes and buildings, so energy wasted is very insignificant.

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