3 Effective Steps for Saving on Heating Costs

Saving heat can help you cut back significantly on the amount of money that you spend on utilities each year. Here are a few effective steps for saving on heating costs.

1. Energy-Efficient Windows

One of the best steps you can take is to purchase energy-efficient windows. By installing energy-efficient windows, you will be able to potentially get a tax credit and cut down on your utility bills.

2. Caulk

Much of the heat produced by heating systems escapes to the outside because of cracks around windows. You should purchase a tube of caulk and use it to seal up your house. Go around each window with the caulk, and you will be able to hang onto the heat that your system produces. 

3. Thermostat

By using your thermostat correctly, you will also be able to save significantly on your heating costs. When it is cold outside, you do not need to keep the thermostat turned up high. Instead of keeping it at a warm and toasty 74 degrees or more, consider turning it back to somewhere between 65 and 68 degrees. By wearing warm clothing, you will be able to keep your house a little cooler and save significant amounts of money.

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