3 Alternative Automotive Options for Gas Savings

If you are looking for a way to save money on gas, there are many different vehicle options that you might want to consider. Instead of going with a traditional car, here are some alternative automotive options for you to look at.

1. Hybrids

One of the most popular alternatives to a regular car is a hybrid. A hybrid car will use both gasoline and electricity in order to reduce the amount of gas that is used on a regular basis. With a hybrid, you will be able to significantly increase your miles per gallon and cut back on fuel costs.

2. Diesel

Another option for you to consider is to go with a diesel engine. Diesels have a lot of flexibility in how you can use them. You can purchase diesel fuel and get some decent mileage. However, you can also run them on hydrogen or vegetable oil as well. If you have a way to access large amounts of vegetable oil, this can be a huge source of savings for you.

3. Electric

In today's market, there are a growing number of car companies that are putting out electric models. These cars run completely on electric and you can charge them up by plugging them in every night.

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