Who Has Access to Your Credit Report?

Anyone with a legitimate business need can access your credit report. A legitimate business need can apply to organizations that need to research your credit history in order to extend credit privileges. Other entities may access your credit report only with your permission.

Accessing Without Permission

Companies whose regular practice involves researching potential and existing client's credit history for approval and review processes are allowed to access credit reports without your permission. Credit reports are obtained from consumer credit reporting agencies like Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. These companies are required to obey the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) where credit information they obtain must be kept confidential. Examples of companies that regularly access credit reports as part of their operations include state or local child support enforcement agencies and other government agencies.

With Your Permission Only

Employer background checks, banks and other private businesses may access your credit, with your permission only. Employers and potential employers need your consent to initially access your credit report. Landlords also obtain permission to pull your credit report when you sign a rental application.

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