Who Gets A New Credit File? Anyone?

Generally speaking, nobody would get a new credit file. The credit files that people have right now are based on social security numbers and there is no way for you to legally change your social security number. There are ways for you to take advantage of loopholes in the various procedures that companies go through, but keep in mind that what you would be doing would be technically illegal since you have to knowingly make false statements about your previous credit history in order to take advantage of those loopholes.


There are certain exceptions to this rule, but the only one that really matters is identity theft. If you are a victim of identity theft, it is technically possible for you to change social security numbers if you can prove that you are indeed the victim of that kind of fraud. Even under those circumstances however, your credit history will likely follow you to the new SSN. Pay no attention to people that advertise credit file changes through EIN applications, as these are illegal and will hurt you more than your current credit could if you get caught while executing the procedure. It is generally not worth the risk involved.

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