A fleet card is a type of card that can be used to make purchases by individuals in a fleet. This type of card is generally used to pay for gas purchases, but it can also be used for other expenses, like maintenance on vehicles. This type of card is most frequently used by organizations such as trucking companies that have large numbers of drivers on the road at any given time.

By issuing fleet cards to their drivers, a company can help promote the safety of the drivers in the fleet. If they had to carry large amounts of cash, they would be easy targets for theft in many areas.

Another one of the big benefits of issuing fleet cards is that the owner of the company can have better control over spending. There can be real-time access to information about the purchases that are made by employees, which helps the owner to set spending limits.

In many cases, using a fleet card can also provide the owner of the business with substantial discounts. Many of these gas cards will give the account holder cash back on certain purchases. This can cut down on fuel costs overall.

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