What Are The Three Credit Bureaus' Addresses?

Each of the three credit bureau addresses is a post office box in order to protect the safety of credit bureau employees. While you can send information by mail, it is advisable to always speak with a credit bureau representative first. You can determine if faxing or emailing the information will get it there in a more efficient manner. 

Trans Union Address:

P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA  19022

Equifax Address:

P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA  30374-0241

Experian Address:

P.O. Box 2104
Allen, TX  75013-2104

The three credit bureaus are responsible for monitoring and reporting your business and personal credit through the FICO system. While they all use the same system, your score may vary slightly from bureau to bureau. If you have a complaint regarding your credit, including reporting fraud or incorrect charges against you, it is best to contact the services by phone or email. If you have difficulty getting through to the service, you may try calling first thing when the bureau opens.

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