The Absolute Best Bad Score Credit Card

The best bad credit card is the one that provides a good credit card rate to people with bad credit. There are several companies that offer credit cards for bad credit. Although there is no ranking service that is available to judge which companies are the “best,” a credit card consumer with bad credit can use their reason and estimation to determine which one is the best.

Types of Bad Score Credit Cards

There are websites that promote offers for individuals with bad credit. These sites list different cards that are designed specifically to meet the needs of an applicant with bad credit in obtaining a credit card. In most all cases, these cards are secured with funds that the applicant must deposit in order to guarantee the credit limit. The credit limit itself is usually low, around $250, and may in some cases be insufficient to meet the credit or spending needs of the cardholder.

Companies Offering Bad Score Credit Cards

There are some common occurring names that appear on the websites for credit cards offered to people with bad credit. They include New Millennium Bank of New Brunswick, New Jersey and First Premier Bank based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. These institutions market almost exclusively to individuals with low, poor, no or bad credit.


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