Submitting A Credit Repair Letter - Effective Ratings Management

Repairing your credit can usually start with a simple credit repair letter. You should be checking your credit reports regularly to manage your credit rating. Anytime you see an item that should be disputed, then you will want to start with a letter to the credit bureau. Here’s how to start.

Address the Concern

You will want to make sure your letter addresses the specific concern you have. Is a charge off showing when it wasn’t charged off? Do you have a collections record that was actually paid in full? A late payment when you have proof of on time payments? Sending a letter that only states you are disputing an item with no explanation will not get the problem solved. Be sure you are explaining your concern in full, and back it up with proof.

Include Contact Information

If you send a letter with no way for the agency to contact you, this will do no good. If there is a question how are they going to contact you? The credit bureau will also need any account numbers and social security letters in the credit repair dispute letter to look up the account. Be sure you are including not just your name and address, but a valid contact number, social security number, applicable account numbers, and other information that will help them identify the incorrect entry.

Keeping your credit report up to date is something you should be proactive about to keep your credit score on the high end. You can’t just assume that the information on the report is always accurate.


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