Six Basic ATM Bank Card Functions

The ATM bank card is a convenient card issued by our banks and credit unions with which we can access our checking and savings accounts. The ATM card has a number of different applications and is well worth the small effort required to apply for one.

How the ATM Card Works

Every time you use an ATM card, money is deducted from your existing checking or savings account either immediately or after a very short processing delay. An ATM card can be extremely convenient so long as you track your purchases and cash withdrawals carefully.

Basic ATM Card Functions

The ATM bank card can be used in a variety of ways that include:

  • withdrawing cash at an ATM machine
  • payment for goods and services purchased at stores and restaurants
  • payment for goods and services purchased online
  • checking your account balances at an ATM machine
  • depositing cash, checks, and paychecks at an ATM machine
  • withdrawing local currency at a foreign bank's ATM machine at a fair exchange rate

Getting an ATM Card

Getting an ATM bank card is much simpler than applying for a credit card. Your credit score doesn't have to be outstanding to be eligible for an ATM bank card because the ATM bank card is based on a debit, not credit system. All you need to do is open a checking or savings account with a bank or credit union and fill out a form.

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