Should You Ever Submit Credit Repair Sample Letters?

Credit repair sample letters can be helpful when addressing outstanding debt obligations on credit reports or requesting the removal of an error. They should be used as long as the consumer can verify that the quality of the letter is adequate to address their concern or issue. 

FTC and IRS Letters

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) both provide booklets and guides for addressing the credit repair issues of a consumer. Included in these guides are sample letters that can be sent to creditors, credit reporting bureaus and credit repair services. 

The types of letters available through the FTC and IRS and are well written. They can be sent with little changes and are easy to access.

Custom Tailoring a Sample Letter

Using a sample letter helps a consumer address their concerns or situation without having to spend time creating a letter for the occasion. The use of a sample letter is an acceptable practice and if it is necessary to enhance the letter, a consumer should do so in order to custom tailor it to their need.

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