Secure Credit Card Transactions: Tips For Better Protection

You believe that every time you make purchases that they are secure credit card transactions. The instances of identity theft, credit card fraud and other forms of illegal activity involving credit cards should serve as a caution for you to take the necessary steps to protect and safeguard your information. Here are a few tips to help you be safe when using a credit card:

Safeguard Your PIN Number

Your PIN, or personal identification number, is your unique password that is used to access your account information. This includes financial as well as personal information about you. Protect you PIN by:

  • Never share your PIN with another person
  • Do not write your PIN on a piece of paper
  • Establish a PIN that only you will know
  • Periodically (annually or biannually) change your PIN
Taking these precautions will make it difficult for other people to get a hold of your account and take advantage of you. The consequences of inaction may be a hit to your credit rating as well the long process of restoring your good name.

Ask to Have Your Card Back Immediately After Swipe Transactions

Many times when we are retail shopping or in a restaurant, we think nothing about handing a stranger a credit card and allow them to hold on to it as they swipe for a transaction. Many people who have done this have also fallen victim to fraud by having their credit card information stolen by the cashier.

Avoid this practice by demanding your card be returned after the swipe has been performed. In many stores, as a response to the negative fallout from this practice and a few high-profile cases, stores make available card swipe terminals at the checkout counter so that you can swipe the card yourself.

Shred or Blacken All Credit Card Transaction Information

Any invoices or other forms that you receive in the mail, like statements and bills, which may contain credit card information should be shredded or, if it needs to be maintained, blackened out with a marker to cover any personal information. This will prevent unauthorized eyes from gaining access to your credit card information.

Purchase Credit Monitoring Protection

Many cards offer credit fraud protection services, in many cases free. There are also credit monitoring services and bureaus that will protect you from identity theft and unauthorized uses of your credit card. Determine which of these options are best for you and use them as a way to safeguard and protect your information.

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