Opening a Bank Account with no Credit Check

There are banks that will open an bank account without a credit check. Online accounts do not require credit checks. However, the banks that provide the accounts use a credit reporting agency to verify your name and address. The verification method is only purposed for verification of the customer name, social security number and address. Many times banks won’t allow people with bad credit to open an account, because of the increased risk for overdrafts or account abuse.

No Credit Check Bank Account Options

Many large banks offer quick online enrollment.There are also large financial holding companies that offer quick and convenient options for opening an online checking or savings account, without any fuss or credit check.

In order to find banks willing to open a checking account for you, regardless of your credit situation, use your favorite search engine and enter terms such as: “bad credit bank account” or “no credit check checking account”. You will find there are many more options available to you than you would have imagined.

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