Open a Free Bank Account in 30 Minutes

If you're in need of a new checking or savings account, the Internet will allow you to open a free bank account in about 30 minutes or so. With the Internet, opening a new bank account has never been easier and there are many banks that make the process very quick and simple. Internet banking accounts offer you many of the same options as traditional bank accounts with one added bonus -- you always have access to your banking information 24 hours a day.

Opening an Online Bank Account

There are many banks that offer free online banking accounts to potential customers. These banks make checking and savings accounts available at no charge to potential clients because of the reduced costs and work required. Most Internet checking and savings accounts do not offer paper statements or even provide a check book -- unless you pay an additional fee. However if you simply need a checking or savings account that will allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or accept direct deposit payments -- then an online checking account is ideal.

Once you have completed the online application and provided verification of your identity, you will be able to make an initial deposit. You can deposit funds either by transfer or mailed in deposits.

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