Making Use Of Instant Business Credit Cards

Having an instant business credit card is a great way to get your new business up and running quickly, tide you over during a slow month or provide you with the capital to grow your business. Depending on the exact nature of your business and your needs, there are many ways to put your instant business credit card to good use. Finding and applying for instant business credit cards is easy. Most banks and card issuers have easily accessible websites where you can input your information and receive instant feedback. However, when searching for the right card issuer company, make sure that you are getting a card that meets all of your needs and that you are working with a reputable lender. Also, you should know what you plan to use your business credit card for because some cards will have special restrictions or limitations.

Different Types of Instant Business Credit Cards

There are several types of business credit cards to choose from, you can decide between the various types of cards by knowing what their use is:

  • An instant virtual credit card is good if you plan to use it for online purchases and can’t wait for your card to arrive in the mail.
  • Virtual credit cards work exactly like regular business credit cards, with a full 16 digit card number, expiration date, etc. but the information is simply given to you by the card issuer (often emailed to you) without actually supplying a physical, plastic card. Sometimes, physical cards can later be issued with identical information to your virtual credit card.
  • Instant prepaid credit cards are also available. These are especially good for getting instant credit cards with bad credit or no credit, making them popular for small businesses that are trying to build up business credit. It is easier to get approval for these types of cards than regular business cards because you are putting a deposit down equal to the limit on your card, so the card issuer has very little risk in approving you for the card. These are also known as secured business credit cards.

Common Uses for an Instant Business Credit Card

There are many uses for business credit cards. If you have a new business, your business credit card can be used to purchase daily supplies or even products until you can establish a profit from which to make purchases with. If for some reason business is especially slow for a given week or even a month, you can use your business credit card on things to keep your business operating on a day to day basis, but bear in mind that they are not designed to sustain your business for the long term in place of profits.

If your business needs to make regular online purchases, getting an instant virtual business card not only affords you instant access to those purchases, but it offers a more secure way of doing business over the internet than direct bank deposits and withdrawals.
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