Legal Advice For Credit Card Debt Holders

Credit card debt legal advice is for individuals who cannot pay off their credit card debt and therefore, rack up more and more debt each day. Debt can be a very heavy burden to carry, and ignoring your debt will only make it worse. Here are some ways to alleviate the stress and pressure of credit card debt.

Verify Debt

The first legal advice credit card debt tip is to request proof of debt verification from the creditor. According to the law, creditors must verify all related documentation to ensure that the default account belongs to the person they are contacting and/or filing a lawsuit against. The creditor must verify all personal and account-related information (i.e. address, full name, Social Security Number, account number, balance history, etc).

Protect yourself by requesting copies of related documentation such as billing statements and bank records. Then, compare and contrast your documents with those presented by the creditor. If you see any discrepancies or incorrect information, contact the creditor immediately. If you are already involved in a credit card debt lawsuit, write a denial response letter to the court addressing the errors in the creditor’s defense against you.

Try to Settle Your Debt

Another legal tip is to write a debt settlement letter to the credit card company. The purpose of the letter is to negotiate a lower debt payment amount. You may also choose to call the creditor directly and negotiate a settlement over the phone. By law, you have the right to negotiate a debt settlement with a creditor.

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