Is Your Credit Union Internet Banking Secure?

Using the web to perform credit union internet banking is as safe and easy to do as it would be for any other financial institution. Internet banking, whether it is through a retail bank or a credit union, is designed to provide you with ease of access to your account information while also protecting your identity and most sensitive banking data.

Credit Union Banking Safeguards

Regardless of whether these transactions are being done for a credit union or traditional retail bank, safeguards are put in place to protect you while you are online. This includes firewalls and password protections, as well as encryption technology and account verification procedures. Your account data is as secure when using the internet to access your credit union files as any other type of institution.

Ask for Information

The procedures used to protect your account information should be outlined by the credit union when you sign up for internet banking services. You should read any document or information provided and talk directly to a credit union representative to answer any questions that you may have.

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