How To Validate Credit Report Repair Services

There are many credit report repair services that advertise their products and services to consumers with bad credit. These services make promises regarding a credit standing and repair that will eliminate derogatory credit. A consumer that wishes to use these services should verify the validity of the credit report repair service in order to avoid falling victim to scams.

Better Business Bureau

A credit report repair services can be validated on the local better business bureau (BBB). BBB is designed to help consumers find out if a business has had any complaints. They provide the portal to review the legitimacy of the business. This is a good starting point for most individuals who need information about a credit report repair service and are uncertain about where to start.

Government Agencies

A state department of commerce or economic development may also be able to provide information about certain types of businesses that operate within its borders. These government agencies conduct audits and follow-up on consumer complaints. The agency makes it reports public and easy to access for any individual seeking information.

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