How to Remove a Charge off from Your Credit Report

A charge off on your credit report can be very detrimental to you in the long run. It can affect your chances of acquiring credit in the future and lower your credit score. Here are the basics of charge offs and how to remove them from your credit report.

What Is a Charge off?

Although it sounds like a company is eliminating your debt for you, this is hardly the case. You still owe the money, but they are taking it off their accounts receivables. When a company conducts a charge off, they will report this to the credit bureaus and it will remain on your credit report for several years. Anytime that you tend to get new credit in the future, lenders will see this on your credit report and it will reflect negatively upon you.

Deal with Your Creditor

In order to remove a charge off from your credit report, you will have to go straight to your creditor. Most of the time, when a charge off takes place, you will have to deal with a collection agency. Although you are probably used to receiving collection calls from a collection agency, you should not try to deal with them in order to get a charge off removed. The creditor is the one that put the charge off on your credit report and they are the only ones that have the capability to remove it. Therefore, you need to go straight to the source instead of working with an agent.

Ask Them

When you get a hold of a representative from your creditor, you should simply ask them to remove the charge off. While this will not always work, sometimes a creditor will remove the charge off from your credit report as an act of good will. It doesn't hurt to ask, and it could result in getting the charge off removed.


Most of the time, simply asking for them to remove the charge off will not work. If it doesn't, you need to move on to negotiation with your creditor. Ultimately, the creditor simply want to get the money that you owe them. With this in mind, you should ask them to consider removing the charge off if you will provide them with payment.

Before you contact the creditor, you should have some type of idea as to how much money you can afford to pay them. If you cannot afford to pay the entire balance, come up with another number that you can afford. Make an offer to settle your account if they will remove the charge off.


If the creditor agrees to remove the charge off from your credit report, you want to make sure that you get something in writing before sending them the money. It is easy to promise things over the phone in order to get a payment. However, you want to make sure that you get a written statement from your creditor so that you will be able to guarantee that the charge off is removed.

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