How to Open a Joint Bank Account

To open a joint bank account is a simple process.

Necessary Information

Both parties must provide the following:

  • photo identification
  • a Social Security number
  • a current residential address
  • additional contact information, such as a telephone number or e-mail address
If you and the other party are consolidating accounts that you have had separately, you will also need the account numbers.

Step 1 - Choose Your Bank

First, you and your partner should choose a bank. Consider terms, fees, customer service ratings and FDIC insurance when researching possibilities. You don’t have to choose a bank with which either of you is affiliated, although that would make the application process faster and easier.

Step 2 - Select the Type of Joint Account

The most common joint account is a joint tenancy with rights of survivorship. Many married couples choose this joint account, in which all assets are passed to the surviving party in the event of one account holder's death.

If, however, you wish to open a joint bank account with a business partner, you may consider a tenancy in common account. With this joint account, if one party passes away, his or her account assets will go to whomever he or she designated in a will.

Step 3 - Apply Online or in Person

Once you’ve selected the type of joint account you and your partner will share, simply fill out the appropriate forms. You can do this online or at the bank.
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