How do Credit Repair Companies Find Prospective Leads?

A credit repair company acquires credit repair leads from a variety of sources. A lead is a prospective customer that may benefit from the services of a credit repair service provider. A lead is important to the company because it gives the company the opportunity to market its services and create a client relationship.

Banks and Credit Card Companies

Banks and credit card companies are primary sources of leads for a credit repair company because they have an interest to assist their customers. Their customers may have problems paying their bills on a timely basis. The company provides a customer list of customers that may be facing credit default, repossession or foreclosure to a credit repair company. An individual who does not wish to have their information sold to a credit repair company may request to “opt out” of this process at the time a loan or debt obligation is incurred.

Bankruptcy Filings

Bankruptcy courts are another source of prospective leads for a credit repair company. Bankruptcy filings are public records and are available for anyone to see. The credit repair company can use the information provided in a bankruptcy filings to market their services and products to a prospective customer.

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