Free Samples of Credit Repair Letters

There are many free credit repair letters available online. These letters are designed to address issues that appear on your credit report, including any errors reported.

A sample letter concerning items reported in error on a credit report may read:

I am requesting that you investigate the following items listed below that I believe are on my credit bureau report in error. The accounts listed below have been paid in full and do not reflect my current and accurate credit history. These inaccuracies have created harm to my credit rating.

[List of item(s) in error]
Creditor/Subscriber Name                     Account #

In addition to the above information, please remove immediately the following unauthorized credit inquiries:

[List credit inquiries]
Creditor/Subscriber Name                     Date of Inquiry

Please provide me with an updated credit report in accordance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act upon completion of your investigation and corrections, within 30 days. If you require any additional documentation concerning this inquiry, please contact me at the number or address listed above.

Thank you in advance for prompt attention to this matter.


cc: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Be sure to address the letter directly to the credit reporting bureau where the error is found.  If you do not find this sample letter useful, personalize it to reflect your situation.

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