Finding A Trustworthy Company For Your Credit Search

If you are planning on company, using a company for your credit search processes can be less time consuming than if you were to look at every credit offer available individually. There are many companies that offer several different kinds of credit lenders in one convenient location.

Step 1

Review your own credit information by ordering and reviewing your credit report. This information will help you determine what kind of credit search you will need to have conducted. If you need to perform a credit repair to correct errors or invalidate information, do so prior to enlisting the services of a credit search company.

Step 2

Evaluate available companies. There are lending clearinghouse websites that offer lenders a wide range of loans or for very specific types of loans. Other clearinghouse lender websites include a broad range of different types of loans, including bad credit loans, credit cards, home loans and auto loans.

Step 3

Once you have selected several potential services to use, research those companies with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau collects information on many businesses and companies, including online lending companies and financial services companies. Company profiles include consumer complaints, government actions and unresolved problems. The BBB gives each company listed an overall grade. Also, companies can be Bureau certified, which means that the company has met the standards of the Better Business Bureau for conducting business in a professional and ethical manner.

Step 4

Also conduct a search on complaint websites. These websites include complaints lodged about specific credit companies and websites where consumers have had problems or difficulty resolving issues.

Step 5

Talk with people you know who have recently been approved for a similar loan or credit. Ask them about their experience with the company. Ask them to discuss the company’s customer service quality and their responses to any potential problems. Also ask about what kind of documentation they were required to submit for their credit application.

Step 6

Evaluate the security of the data you provide. On many websites, in the right hand corner of the site, you will see a small symbol that looks like a tiny padlock. This symbol indicates that the website is a secure website that sends all submitted information via encrypted message. This is extremely important to protect your information from potential hackers and individuals who seek to collect consumer information for identity theft.

Step 7

Check the Federal Trade Commission website for information on any company you are considering using for your credit search. The commission regularly updates their website with information on problem companies, particularly in the financial and credit services arena.


If you are planning on using a company to find a good source for credit, carefully review different companies by determining if they have a history of complaints with the Better Business Bureau, consumer rip off websites and the Federal Trade Commission. Also employ the feedback of people you know and trust personally if they have any recent experience with credit loans. Once you have found a credit company that you feel comfortable trusting, then you can go forward with your credit search.

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