Explanation of Affinity Credit Cards

Affinity credit cards are offered by most major credit card companies today. This type of card is offered to individuals that have an affinity to a specific organization or group. The group provides this type of card as an incentive for members and as a way to generate money for the group itself. Here are the basics of the affinity credit card.

Affinity Credit Card

There are many different organizations that have affinity credit cards for their members. Typically, you will see a credit card with a logo of the organization on it with this type of card. Members will get this type of credit card to show that they are a part of the organization or wish to be affiliated with it.

Types of Affinity Credit Cards

Many different groups can offer these types of cards to individuals. For example, one of the most common types of affinity credit cards is a credit card that is affiliated with a particular sports team. The card will have a logo of the sports team on it and could offer the card holder some type of benefit when it comes to purchasing items related to the team. The individual might get some type of a discount when purchasing tickets for a game or team gear. 

This type of credit card is commonly issued for colleges, alumni associations, professional associations, nonprofit organizations and other entities. Over the years, many different groups have had this type of credit card offered.


Organizations like to set up affinity credit cards because of the financial incentives that they can receive. When an organization has an affinity credit card started for it, it can offer the credit card to all of the members of the organization. A sports team could offer it to people that are watching a game or that are on a mailing list. This allows them to recruit a large number of new customers for the credit card company. In return for these new customers, the credit card company is going to provide the group with financial compensation. In most cases, the group is going to be able to get a percentage of every financial transaction that is made with the new affinity credit cards. If a large enough group is assembled, this can create a substantial source of income for the group.


In the past, many smaller organizations were able to set up affinity credit cards with credit card companies. However, in recent years, credit card companies have become stricter as to which groups can be accepted into this type of program. Most of the time, credit card companies want to work only with large companies that are already established. In order to get accepted, the company has to be able to prove that they have a large number of members or that they can provide a certain number of new customers for the credit card company.

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