Discover Your Bank Account Number With No Check

If you have a bank account and no check in sight, but you need to know your bank account number, the best way for you to figure out what your banking information is, is to visit or phone your bank. Here is the process:

Step #1: Call Toll Free Assistance Line

If you have a bank card or debit card, there should be a toll free assistance line mentioned on the back of the card. If you call this phone number, you will be connected with a telephone operator with the bank that can tell you your bank account number.

Step #2: Provide Necessary Details

The banker on the phone will ask specific identity details to ensure that you are the owner of the bank account. You may be asked for personal or financial details to prove you are who you say you are.

Step #3: Visit Bank

If you cannot prove your identity online, you may be asked to come into a local branch. Furnishing identification with a photograph is generally all that it takes to get your bank account number even if you do not have a checkbook with the necessary information inside of it.

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