Deciphering Your Free Credit Profile

For many people, a free credit profile contains unfamiliar language and concepts. In order to fully understand your credit status, you must learn how to decipher the information in your profile.

What Does a Credit Profile Contain?

A free credit profile contains information on past and current financial accounts, including:

  • payment histories and patterns (including late payments)
  • loan and/or mortgage information
  • total available credit
  • total percentage of available credit
  • companies who have inquired about your credit history
  • public records such as filed bankruptcies, tax liens, or credit disputes
  • personal information such as your name, social security number, date of birth, previous and current employers, phone number, and previous and current addresses
  • your spouse’s personal information / joint credit report information, if applicable
What To Look For

To ensure that your credit report is accurate, carefully verify all information. Make sure that account names, payments and statuses are correct. If you have an account that is not in good standing, you should address the issue immediately. Also look for suspicious charges or balances.

In order to preserve a solid credit score and protect yourself from identity theft, check your free credit profile annually.

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