Credit Bureau Contact Info For Different Scenarios

Gathering credit bureau contact information can be challenging. They all seem to have different phone numbers and addresses for different situations. On top of that, you have to gather information for three separate bureaus. Keep this information handy in case you ever have a need for contacting the credit bureaus.


If you need to simply order a credit report, you can contact the Experian Credit Report Phone Number at 888-397-3742. This is an automated system, so you will need to have all your information available when you call.

If you need to dispute an item, you will need to write to them, or fax them at 888-826-0573. The fax should be only documenting information proving the item in dispute is inaccurate. Experian also allows you to order a credit report online.


Equifax's credit bureau customer service can be reached at 800-685-1111. This number will give you the option to order a report, start the dispute process, or speak with someone live. If you would rather put your request or concern in writing, you can reach them at PO BOX 740256, Atlanta, GA, 30374.


You can order a credit report through TransUnion by calling 800-916-8800. Once you order your report they mail them within 8 days. This is the same number for consumer relations, and for the dispute process.

If you are ever denied credit you can order your credit report within 30 days of the denial for no charge. If you need to report fraud, or dispute an item, you should do this as soon as you know about it.


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