A List Of Top Secured Credit Card Issuers

Here is a secured credit card list of issuers that provide credit cards to individuals with bad or poor credit. The list is a “top” list of providers in that they are the most prevalent names that are available when performing a keyword search of credit card issuers for secured debt. A secured card is one where the issuer of the credit card requires that the cardholder make a deposit in the amount of the credit that they make available.

The top secured credit card issuers (not listed in order):

  • First Premier Bank
  • Account Now
  • Centennial Bank
  • RushCard
  • First Freedom
  • First Millennium Bank
  • NetSpend
  • Exact Prepaid Cards
  • Applied Bank

Where to Find Secured Credit Card Offers

These card providers are listed on many secured credit card sites found online. There is no service or listing provider that ranks these companies so the prevalence of their appearance online is an indicator of their popularity in providing secured credit cards to individuals with low, poor or bad credit.

These issuers offer credit and debit cards as well as cards MasterCard and VISA credit cards. The offers made by a secured credit card issuer include high interest rates and fees that make the cost of these cards more expensive than other types of credit cards issued.

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