3 Steps to Start a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you get your debt situation under control. In order to get the process started, you will need to take the necessary steps. Here are the steps to starting a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Step 1 - Talk to an Attorney

The first thing that you need to do is talk to a bankruptcy attorney. You will need to determine if you have a good chance of qualifying for chapter 13 bankruptcy before filing. They will look at your income and debt situation and help you come up with a repayment plan proposal for the courts.

Step 2 - Complete Paperwork

You will then need to obtain the proper bankruptcy forms from your local court. There will be a few different forms for you to fill out. With the assistance of your attorney, you need to sit down and make sure that all of the forms are filled out with the appropriate information for the court system.

Step 3 - File Paperwork

After you have completed the paperwork, you will need to take it to your bankruptcy court. You need to file the paperwork according to the courts regulations and they will start the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process at that point. They will provide you with the date for you to return for court.

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