Having good credit is one of the most important financial components that you can possess. Not only does it offer potential lenders a favorable insight into how you handle your personal financial matters, it can also make your life considerably easier and much more convenient. Conversely, bad credit can do just the opposite and – depending upon its severity – can also ruin your financial state of affairs and keep you trapped in extremely untenable circumstances and situations. It's therefore critically important to build and manage your credit wisely and efficiently.

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How To Clear Your Credit History
With a careful approach, it is possible to have a clear credit history with a bit of... »
Effective Credit Management
The effective management of credit involves choosing its best mix and use with respect to loan maturity... »
Types and Sources of Consumer Credit - Part 1: Types of Credit
Part 1: Types of CreditNot many years ago a prospective borrower’s credit alternatives were limited, in terms... »
Types and Sources of Consumer Credit -Part 2: Credit Sources
Part 2: Credit SourcesIn Part 1 of Types and Sources of Consumer Credit, the numerous kinds of... »
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